What other techniques can you use in your job search to get noticed?

What other techniques can you use in your job search to get noticed?

Everyone dreams of an ideal job — one you’re excited to go to every morning, that challenges you and where you have great co-workers. But actually, finding that dream job can be harder than you think. So, what techniques — other than searching job boards and sending out your résumé — can you use to get noticed? 

  • Create a professional website. In the article “5 Simple Yet Highly Effective Job Hunting Techniques to Land Your Dream Job” for Glassdoor, John Stevens recommends creating your own website that lists your skills and accomplishments and showcases your ability to operate successfully in the position you want. Make sure to include samples of your work, information about your area of expertise, and any testimonials you have.

  • Work with a coach. As Nancy Collamer points out in her Forbes article “7 Keys to a Successful Job Search,” many people are nervous about interviewing — whether it’s in person or via a video conference. This is where working with a coach who can teach you how to dress, speak and behave in stressful situations can make all the difference. A professional coach can also help you determine what your strongest qualities are and show you how to communicate them effectively both on your résumé and in conversations. 

  • Get a referral from a company insider. In his article for the Society for Human Resource Management, Roy Maurer reports that the majority of hires come from employee referrals. Employers prefer referred candidates because they have a greater conversion rate. Moreover, once a candidate is hired, he or she is likely to stay longer with the organization. So, review your network to see who you know at your dream company — and then reach out politely to ask for their support. 

  • Approach hiring managers. According to Alison Doyle in her article “How to Get Noticed by Your Dream Company” for The Balance Careers, it’s generally risky to reach out to hiring managers through LinkedIn. However, if they share any of your professional contacts in their network, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask a shared contact if he or she would be willing to make an introduction. 

To find your dream job, you might have to go the extra mile and do more than simply send out your résumé and cover letter. Of course, since every interaction you have could potentially lead to an opportunity, make sure to present yourself professionally at all times. Remember: You only have one chance to make a first impression!