10 Steps to Positioning Yourself as the Perfect Candidate for a Promotion

10 Steps to Positioning Yourself as the Perfect Candidate for a Promotion

You’ve been in your current position for 18 months or so and you’re confident you’re capable of much more. Simply put: you want to get promoted. 

So what do you need to do in order to position yourself as the perfect candidate?

Follow these ten steps to put yourself on the right track towards earning a promotion.

1. Be authentic. Though it’s easy to fall into the habit of trying to be the person you think your colleagues and boss want you to be, it’s too energy consuming and people will sense you’re not being authentic. Since you need to build trust to get ahead, concentrate on being the best version of yourself, not somebody you aren’t.

2. Fulfill your current responsibilities well. Keeping your eye on the prize is one thing; neglecting your current workload is another. A promotion is earned based on the quality of your performance, so by all means, investigate what the role you’re working towards will involve – but make sure you’re acing it in your current position.

3. Keep a record of your accomplishments. If you’re wondering whether your supervisor’s aware of all of the great things you’re doing for the company, don’t keep reminding him or her. Instead, keep a record of your accomplishments so you can discuss them during your next performance review or if the opportunity arises to talk about the promotion.

4. Take the initiative. A promotion comes with more responsibility. Looking to your supervisor for instructions all the time won’t be an option anymore. Practice taking the initiative whenever possible in order to show your supervisor you’re capable of working independently.

5. Be a great team player. Always be aware that you accomplish great things as a team. Offer and accept help, and work with your colleagues to reach your team’s objectives. Keep in mind that being a great team player also extends beyond the office, so make a point of socializing with your colleagues at events such as office parties, mixers, and conferences.

6. Be solution-oriented. According to Libby Kane in her article “Bosses Tell Us: 11 Things That Will Get You Promoted” on The Muse, when you encounter a challenge, don’t just go to your boss and expect him or her to fix it. Instead, assess the situation fully, and look for one or more possible solutions. Present the challenge along with the solutions to your supervisor and let him or her decide what course of action to take.

7. Always be professional. To earn a promotion, you need to behave as professionally as possible at all times. Don’t be late and always dress professionally. Respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner and complete your work on time. Don’t participate in office gossip and be consistently upbeat and enthusiastic. Last, but certainly not least, find ways to resolve arguments before they become conflicts. 

8. Know what the requirements are for a promotion. It’s important that you know what qualities, skills and experience the job you want requires. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss this. The meeting will serve the double purpose of getting you the information you need and letting your boss know you’re interested in the promotion.

9. Find a mentor. In the Quintessential Careers article titled “Moving Up the Ladder: 10 Strategies for Getting Yourself Promoted,” Randall S. Hansen, Ph. D. advises finding a mentor within your company. This mentor can advise you on what skills you need to develop in order to advance. Your mentor can also champion you for a promotion.

10. Work on your professional development. It should go without saying that if you want to advance, you need to expand your skills and knowledge accordingly. Read trade literature, attend webinars and participate in courses in order to enhance your expertise.

Earning a promotion takes time, effort and commitment. Keep these steps in mind and you can actively position yourself as a great candidate for a promotion.