How Part-Time and Temporary Jobs Can Improve Your Employability

How Part-Time and Temporary Jobs Can Improve Your Employability

Most students work a part-time job to help cover the costs of their education. Working as a waiter or waitress, babysitter or store attendant are all popular choices to earn some extra cash. But did you know that your choice of part-time or temp job now is going to have a significant impact on your employability when you graduate?

Student work experience can help you develop your skills 
When you’re an entry-level candidate fresh out of school, potential employers are going to look at your degree and where you earned it. In some cases, they’ll also look at your grade point average and check if you have any remarkable accomplishments like prizes and awards. 

Moreover, they’ll want to know if you possess any specific technical or soft skills. That’s where your work experience as a student can be crucial, because it can provide you with the opportunity to acquire and hone skills that will make you more attractive to employers after graduation.

So how can you know what kind of jobs can help improve your employability? The answer is to evaluate what skills you’ll need for the position you want and then select jobs accordingly.

For example, if you want to work in digital marketing, you’ll need to know general marketing principles, as well as the technical aspects of online marketing and the various avenues that can be used. This is knowledge you’ll acquire from your study materials. However, you’ll have to hone these skills by practicing them over and over. In addition, you’ll also need a number of soft skills including emotional intelligence, persuasion abilities and strong communication skills. 

Now, what jobs could you do that will give you the opportunity to learn these skills? 
Getting a part-time job at a digital marketing firm would be ideal, even if you’re just answering phones. You’d have the opportunity to observe, maybe even take on some small tasks, and eventually work your way up. But if this isn’t an option, then you need to consider other jobs. 

To increase your technical knowledge, working as a part-time telemarketer would increase your familiarity with marketing campaigns in general. Speaking with potential customers would also allow you to enhance your emotional intelligence and communication skills, as you learn how to listen to their reasons for being interested – or not interested – in a product. Plus, you’d be able to practice your skills of persuasion by learning how to convince people the product you’re selling will make their life better.

It’s important to realize you can learn something from every job.
Even babysitting the neighbourhood kids hones your leadership skills and sense of accountability. The truth is, however, that employers are more likely to be interested in candidates with corporate experience. 

Once you’ve decided what kind of part-time or weekend jobs would be useful, it’s a good idea to find a recruiter who can help you find these jobs. Remember: recruiters frequently know about jobs before they’re posted online, and they’re often able to get your resumé right onto a hiring manager’s desk. Moreover, establishing a strong relationship with a recruiter while you’re still in school can make your job search much easier once you’ve graduated.

View your part-time work as an investment in your future 
The job market for entry-level jobs is competitive. But if you take the time to plan ahead now, you can make yourself a more attractive candidate later. So don’t delay this investment of time and strategy. After all, your career is counting on you!