Four Hot Jobs for Entry-Level Candidates

Four Hot Jobs for Entry-Level Candidates

August is already here, and that means that the lazy, hazy days of summer will soon be behind us. If you’re a recent university or college graduate or a soon-to-be graduate, it also means it’s time to put that degree to use and land a good job. 

Some of the top sectors for new grads to check out are technology, healthcare and business. 

With a rising number of companies undergoing digital transformation and moving their operations to the cloud, it’s not surprising that there’s a high demand for entry-level tech professionals such as software and security engineers. By 2019, it’s estimated that Canada will face a significant labour shortage – needing 182,000 people to fill tech roles, according to the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). 

Software engineers create programs and apps to perform and automate tasks on a wide range of devices and operating systems. According to Statistics Canada, employment growth through to 2018 is expected to be strong in areas of B.C., Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. 

Depending on the location and company, a software engineer can expect a median annual salary of $90,000, according to a recent ranking from Canadian Business

As we spend more of our professional and personal lives online, individuals and organizations need solutions to protect them from cyber-attacks and data loss. That’s why companies need security engineers to design, develop, and implement robust security programs. According to Payscale, the average median salary of a security engineer is $73,182 per year. 

It’s important to note that these jobs aren’t always with tech companies. Medium-sized companies and large enterprises frequently have their own in-house tech departments tasked with developing proprietary software and security measures. 

An ageing population and a rise in chronic diseases are fueling the demand for registered nurses. In fact, Statistics Canada predicts strong job growth for areas in Alberta, B.C., Nova Scotia, Ontario and PEI. Workopolis recently included registered nurses in its list of the highest-paying entry-level jobs in Canada, with a salary range that starts at $45,677 per year. Salaries can vary, however, depending on the specific medical discipline, as well as the location and employer. 

Streamlining operations is top of mind for many organizations. Consulting analysts use data analytics and other tools combined with their knowledge of operational efficiency methodology to pinpoint bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and waste so they can make recommendations for improvements. The demand for consulting analysts is expected to be strong in areas of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. 

When it’s time to put your degree to work, it’s good to know there’s an increasing number of doors open for entry-level candidates. Just remember: looking in the right place—like the technology, healthcare, or business sector—helps make your job search a success!