The Top Job Skills You'll Need In 2017

The Top Job Skills You'll Need In 2017

Are you planning to get a new job in 2017? 

Or are you a student who’s interested in knowing what job skills are going to be in demand in the next few years so you can choose your field of study accordingly?

If you’ve answered, “Yes!” to either of these questions, then read on for the most sought after technical and professional skills.

IT skills top the list
With the rapid expansion of the IoT, cloud computing and big data analytics, as well as the digital transformation of companies, it’s no surprise that workers with IT skills are in high demand. According to Catherine Fisher in her article “LinkedIn Unveils the Top Skills That Can Get You Hired in 2017, Offers Free Courses for a Week,” a survey conducted by LinkedIn found that the following skills were most in demand in 2016:

  1. Cloud and distributed computing. The DeZyre article “Cloud Computing vs. Distributed Computing” states that the market for global cloud computing services is predicted to reach an astounding $127 billion by December 2017. Since the expansion of enormous networks for use by both organizations and individuals isn’t slowing down, there’s an ongoing need for professionals who can manage and maintain these networks.

  2. Statistical analysis and data mining. The capability to harvest enormous amounts of data and analyze it against a range of indicators provides companies with unprecedented insights into everything from product performance to customer buying habits to supply chain efficiency. In addition, data analysis offers powerful predictive capabilities. That’s why organizations in every sector need professionals who know how and where to mine data, as well as how to analyze it to attain actionable insights.

  3. Web architecture and development framework. The physical and virtual world are increasingly integrated. As a result, there’s an unstoppable demand for professionals to design and develop the presentation part of the virtual network—in other words, developers who can design functional websites and apps for a variety of platforms and operating systems.

  4. Network and information security. While cybersecurity skills aren’t listed in LinkedIn’s top 10, they’re in high demand nonetheless. Because organizations’ networks are continuously expanding, they’re becoming more vulnerable to sophisticated cyber threats. This is driving a need for network and information security professionals to develop and implement security measures ranging from education for employees about cybersecurity best practices to comprehensive, integrated defense mechanisms.

In-demand professional skills
In addition to IT skills, a number of professional skills are in high demand:

  1. Project management. As the world moves towards the “gig economy,” an increasing number of employers are structuring their work in projects. There’s a growing need for project managers to handle everything from finding the right workers and securing resources to keeping projects on track and interfacing with stakeholders.

  2. Customer service. Customer service is critical to retaining customers—and that’s why it’s an important part of companies’ operations. There’s high demand for professionals with knowledge of the various aspects and forms of customer service including call centres and online chats. Since customer service is more and more often a virtual business function with employees working from home, there’s also a need for managers and trainers who know how to keep remote workers engaged and productive.

  3. Accounting. There’s an ongoing need for professionals with solid accounting skills. According to Statistics Canada, the employment outlook for financial auditors and accountants during the 2016-2018 period is expected to be good in several regions across Canada. Strong employment growth in this profession is predicted for British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario in particular.

It’s important to keep in mind there are also other sought after job skills. Nursing, occupational therapy, and sales are all examples of in-demand skills. So ask yourself what is you’d most like to excel at, and if IT or related professional skills top your list, be prepared to make the most of 2017 and beyond.