Three Top Remote Jobs For 2018

Three Top Remote Jobs For 2018

Have you always dreamed of working from the comfort of your own home?  

Well, thanks to the rapid rise of cloud-based enterprise platforms, collaboration software, and teleconferencing applications that allow you to connect with colleagues no matter where you are in the world, working remotely is becoming increasingly common. 

According to the Gallup article “America’s Coming Workplace: Home Alone,” working from home can increase engagement and performance, especially when the workers maintain a connection to their employers’ main offices. 

That said, some jobs are better suited to remote work than others. While there are hosts of home-based options available to virtual workers, here are three of the top remote jobs that are predicted to be in high demand for 2018: 

Mobile app developer: A mobile app developer creates and troubleshoots apps for Android or iOS platforms, both for smart phones and for tablets. Sometimes these apps are developed in-house for large enterprises. More often, however, they’re developed by software companies for clients. According to Payscale, a mobile app developer can earn a median salary of $60,210 per year, but that sum can increase considerably depending on the developer’s skill level and the individual employer. 

User experience (UX) researcher: A UX researcher studies how people interact with a specific product. Based on the findings, the UX researcher provides recommendations to product developers and designers to improve the user experience and increase the end user’s overall satisfaction with it. A UX researcher earns a median salary of $64,791 per year, but that number can go up to $94,188 with experience. 

Market research analyst: A market research analyst designs and conducts surveys to monitor and analyze marketing trends. He or she collects the results of these analyses in reports, which are then used by companies for marketing purposes. Market research analysts typically earn a median salary of $48,857 per year; however, some can earn as much as $72,617 per year with experience. 

Keep in mind that working from home doesn’t have to be a career stopper. Talk to your supervisor about what you need to do in order to advance—that way, your remote job could easily become a remote career! 

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