Where Great Leaders Get Their Inspiration

Where Great Leaders Get Their Inspiration

Do you want to be not just a good, but a great manager? Then it can help to emulate great leaders. And there’s one thing that they all have in common, regardless of their field: They’re all inspired to do great things. But where do they get their inspiration from?

Interestingly, the answers often have to do with other people’s actions and words. For example, entrepreneur Richard Branson is inspired by people who are dedicated to making a positive difference to other people’s lives, as Jacquelyn Smith explains in her Forbes article “What Inspires The World’s Top Leaders.” Leading investor Warren Buffet credits his father, Howard H. Buffett; his mentor Benjamin Graham; and his first wife Susan Buffet with both teaching and inspiring him, as Zameena Mejia shares in her CNBC article “Warren Buffet credits his success to these 3 people.” And according to Julie Bawden Davis in her OpenForum article titled “Business Leaders Reveal the Women Who Inspired Them,” Kate Alcaraz, co-founder of Beauty Advisor, was inspired by her mother, who ran a successful company herself.

Finding inspiration
Clearly, some of today’s most influential leaders were — and still are — inspired by other people. So how can you find people to inspire you?

First of all, well-known business leaders are a great source of inspiration, as they deal with many of the same challenges as you do every day. It can be especially helpful to follow business leaders who produce a lot of content such as blogs, articles, books and videos, since they share their experiences so you can learn from them.

You can also turn to motivational coaches and speakers for inspiration. For instance, in his books, seminars and blogs, Tony Robbins motivates people to overcome obstacles and be the best they can be. There are also many more motivational coaches — from the late Louise Hay to Nick Vujicic — who each have their own philosophy.

When it comes to persevering, overcoming your own limitations and shooting for the stars, athletes can be a great source of inspiration. Just think of the months and years of training that all culminate in a single game, Olympic event or other competitive championship. Pick your favourite sport and you’re bound to find an athlete who has worked extremely hard to rise to the top.

Of course, your own family can also be an important source of inspiration to you. Perhaps your parents worked two jobs each so you could go to college or perhaps you have a family member who has overcome adversity and gone on to succeed in his or her chosen field. Whatever it is, it’s important to remember that people we know intimately also do great things — even if they’re not famous. 

Get inspired so you can inspire others
The best part about finding a source of inspiration is the fact that it’s always there when you need it. After all, for just about everyone — especially managers — there can be certain situations that are more challenging than others. And when you have your own source of inspiration to draw upon in difficult times, you can use your vision to truly become a leader who inspires others.