How to Thank Your Team During the Holidays

How to Thank Your Team During the Holidays

As the days become shorter and the holiday season draws closer, words like “gratitude” and “giving thanks” start to carry extra meaning. That makes it the perfect time to thank the members of your team for their contributions, especially since their efforts make a difference throughout the entire year.  

Interestingly, although most managers are aware of how hard their teams work, not all understand the importance of expressing their gratitude for their employees’ work. In her FastCompany article “The Science of Gratitude and Why It’s Important in Your Workplace,” Stephanie Vozza cites psychology professor Robert Emmons, who states that fostering a workplace where gratitude is expressed can help boost job satisfaction, increase retention and reduce absenteeism. 

Highlight each person’s contributions
The holidays, therefore, are the perfect time to show your gratitude for your team members’ hard work. Consider ideas like writing personal thank-you notes or sending a special email to your team that thanks everyone individually and publicly. If you have time, you can even make a video in which you highlight each team member’s contributions and express your gratitude for all to see. 

Just keep in mind that to make your words meaningful, you should share precisely why you’re grateful for each person. For example, if your developer worked around the clock to get a client’s website up and running on time, mention his or her efforts. If another team member is always optimistic and keeps the entire team motivated, highlight that quality. Or if your newest team member contributed an amazing idea during your latest meeting, say so. 

Plan a celebratory meal for the whole team
Another good way to thank your team is to organize a holiday meal. You can take everyone out for dinner or, if it’s a busy time of year, have a catered lunch or dinner brought to the office. If your budget doesn’t run to this, you can also suggest a potluck or simply bring everyone’s coffee and favourite pastries for a celebratory breakfast together. 

The point is to spend some enjoyable time together as a team. To make the occasion extra memorable, prepare a short speech to make each member of your team feel recognized and appreciated. (Note: Don’t forget to ask about special dietary requirements to ensure everyone can enjoy the celebration without feeling concerned or left out!) 

Making the effort to publicly acknowledge your team members’ contributions over the holidays is a great way to make them feel truly valued. And by doing this, you can strengthen your bond with your team while at the same time creating a more positive, pleasant work environment.