Combining AI with Management

Combining AI with Management

The capabilities of AI are advancing at a rapid pace. Thanks to machine learning and analytics, AI can perform a large amount of data-heavy, repetitive tasks for managers. So how can you adapt and leverage AI to the maximum while utilizing your own skills to your company’s benefit? The key is to know what types of tasks AI can do and how it can support you in your role. 

AI for automation
According to Adam C. Uzialko in his article “Workplace Automation Is Everywhere, and It’s Not Just About Robots” for Business News Daily, every business area — from human resources to customer service — comprises processes that can be automated. And when you consider how many of a manager’s responsibilities involve administration, it becomes clear that if that administration can be automated, it will free you up to focus your energy on more important tasks.

AI for decision making
At the same time, you can also leverage AI to provide you with more insights to enable better decision making. As Kolbjørnsrud, Amico, and Thomas point out in their article “How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management” for Harvard Business Review, the combination of data-driven insights with human expertise and experience is likely to become more important. Just think of the swaths of data that AI can quickly process, as well as the predictive capabilities of analytics and algorithms. The more correct and objective data you have, the better the foundation for your decisions and subsequent actions will be.

Essentially human skills
However, AI can’t do everything. The Forbes article “How AI Will Groom a New Breed of ‘Super Managers’ points out that soft skills that are essentially human — such as emotional intelligence and creativity — will increase in importance. Managers will remain critical to identifying their employees’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as to creating strong teams and helping their people deal with significant business challenges.

Inform yourself about the capabilities of AI
The effects of AI on management promise to be more impactful than most managers currently realize. By taking some time to research what types of tasks AI can perform and staying on top of new developments in this area, you can gain a better idea of how you can leverage AI to your advantage and optimize your own performance as a manager.