Intern Program Management

Intern Program Management

Intern program management for future scientists

Kelly presents scientific organizations with a unique opportunity to leverage interns and intern programs to your great strategic advantage. What you discover about each other today could transform to become tomorrow’s next breakthrough.

Quality solutions—for one intern up to full program management 

We place scientists as interns across all clinical and research science industry specializations—from pharmaceutical to biomedical or biotechnical, from chemical and petrochemical to the environmental sciences. We can also administer every aspect of your internship program, including:

  • Assembling and distributing customized welcome packets
  • Handling your required internal and federal forms
  • Issuing weekly pay and addressing tax issues

Ensure your access to future scientific talent 

Helping you secure tomorrow’s scientific talent is what the Future Scientists Program is all about. We’ve built a pool of coveted talent over time by building positive relationships with leading universities and scientific programs, while screening science students for future employment upon graduation. A scientific intern or full internship program allows our customers to complete special projects with energetic, qualified employees.

To learn more, visit or contact us today to make interns a basic element in your work formula.