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Contact Centre Workforce Solutions

A continuum of strategic solutions

As your contact centre evolves to accommodate shifting market conditions—Kelly Contact Centre® can deliver a full continuum of flexible, customizable solutions and services specialized to meet your unique businesses needs, along every step of your contact centre's strategic path.

Positive impact to your bottom line 

Our solutions can drive cost savings to your business—anytime, anywhere. Longer than any other staffing firm, Kelly has built recruitment success on the value of quality people. We know how advances in technology and ongoing demands on customer service today require that your call centre operations take on less risk, with greater control, and more flexibility than ever before.

We use proven methodology to source and retain the best agents anywhere in the world. Whatever your immediate goals—no matter how large or small your workforce may be—we can deploy the right mix of people, process, and technology over a full range of contact centre disciplines, for a proven solution configured to your environment and needs.

Our expertise at work for you 

At Kelly, we believe in relationships, not transactions, and we treat every customer like the only customer. With local offices, we know your market, inside and out. Our call centre specific evaluation options include hard skill, multitasking ability, and behavioural components designed to help you boost your productivity by helping you identify more highly skilled, targeted agents.

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