Future Scientists Program

Future Scientists Program

From intern to investment 

As all signs point to increasing difficulties in finding the qualified scientific talent you’ll need, you can invest in the future of your workforce through scientific interns.

Kelly identified the need to develop students into more competitive candidates in the workforce. We founded the Future Scientists Program (FSP) in 2000 as a result, steadily building a strong base of talented science students who have the potential to make a positive impact on the industry. Our internship program is ultimately an opportunity for bright students and top companies to connect, and its success has been astounding.

We’ve placed thousands of interns in companies like yours—in disciplines that include pharmaceutical, biotech, device, petrochemical, agriculture, environmental science, clinical research, and more.

Whether you're a company looking to hire interns, or a student looking for a science internship, we invite you to learn more about what our internships program has to offer.