Absolute Zero | Health and Safety

Absolute Zero

Objective: a safer work environment

At Kelly Services, we believe the most important number when it comes to employee safety is zero. Zero on-the-job accidents, zero on-the-job injuries, and zero on-the-job illnesses.

These have been longstanding goals for Kelly—and in 2010 we launched our Absolute Zero program to solidify this commitment. The Absolute Zero program reflects our passion for safe behaviour—we expect our leadership to demonstrate that employee health and safety is our number one priority, our customers to provide and continually foster a safe work environment, and our employees to act safely, while looking out for their co-workers’ safety as well.

We can attain zero

It is possible, and, at many of our customer locations, it has already arrived—thanks to dedicated effort and a firm belief that safety is the highest priority.

  • Zero injuries
  • Zero incidents
  • Zero excuses
Our Absolute Zero program reflects our ongoing commitment to the absolute safety of our workforce. Absolute Zero ensures we maintain the standards of worker safety protection to help our workforce feel safe and secure in the workplace. More than just compliance with health and safety legislation, Absolute Zero recognizes the importance of each and every employee, and provides the processes, training, and company-wide commitment needed to ensure their safety.