We are the story of work We’re not going to bore you with our history, the number of locations we have, or the awards we’ve won. What we do and why we do it are all you need to know.


We’re always thinking about what’s next

Connecting talented people to companies in need of their skills is at the very heart of what we do. That’s because in a world where nothing is permanent, job seekers and employers are continually asking, “What’s next?”

The next chapter in life and quest for advancement means careers are continually in motion. The next business strategy and journey for growth means employers are continually evaluating their workforce effectiveness. At Kelly, we’re always thinking about what’s next for job seekers and employers.


Enabling new ways of working and growing

People today are choosing to work in independent ways—temporary, contract, freelance and as gig workers—to gain experience, advance their careers and achieve flexibility to pursue their passions. For employers, the task then becomes embracing this modern world of work and rethinking their talent strategy to harness the potential of all workers and work styles and their value in the workplace.

We help people ditch the script on the old ways of thinking and make the people-work connections that enable the growth job seekers and employers are striving for.


Providing specialty services

We’re proud to be a global specialty talent solutions provider to meet the needs of job seekers and employers.


Finance & Accounting




Light Industrial

Managed Service Provider

And more


We’re on your side

The people of Kelly—those working internally, behind the scenes to make it all happen—are unique in their understanding and commitment to helping others create better futures and helping companies compete, prosper, and grow. That’s because the work we do matters. Helping people transform their lives matters. Shaping the future of work matters.

So for the workers and companies who are always in pursuit of what’s next, we’re right there with you, writing the story of work together. Because what’s next is what matters. And what’s next is what we’re all about.

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